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My name is Lorri Eckert and the work that I’ve been doing for clients is truly “next level”. I listen to your situation and work WITH YOU to reach your goals to buy or sell your home.

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Every client’s needs are different and the best part of working with me is that I get to know your comfort level and can provide ideas aimed at maximizing your homes’ sale price no matter how far you want to go.  My clients benefit from my efforts and hard work from the time we meet until after the sale.

Preparing For A Successful Sale

Pre-Construction Sales Opportunities

Lorri Is Here To Help!

Welcome to 2024!

Lorri Is Here To Help!

Stress-Free Results

The Right Renos Can Mean The Right Price

A Low Cost Transformation with Big Results!

The Importance of Digital Marketing

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Maximum Effort Every Time

Real estate isn’t just about putting a sign on the lawn, taking phone calls and accepting an offer.

Everyone's Needs Are Different

I get to know your comfort level and can provide ideas aimed at maximizing your homes’ sale price.

With You At Every Step

My clients benefit from my hard work from the first time we meet until well beyond the sale.

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